With a love for extraordinary street style, japanese
contemporary fashion and fresh outlook, owner and
designer- Paulina Pikiel built from the ground up her brand-
With a dream and a sewing machine, she has taken her
passion and turned it into a cutting-edge brand.
Pikiel is a one of a kind brand of clothing and accessories
that borders on the edge of japanese contemporary fashion
with a bold attitude of urban attire, all while pushing the limits
of popular fashion.
Pikiel works with a variety of deep tones. Black and grey
shades create the unique climate she is known for. Pikiel
style feature distinct sense of beauty highlighted by dark
colours and interesting shapes.
The streamlined shapes and harsh edges in Pikiel’s designs
create the volume and illusion of body.
„Fascinated by the shapes, I want to distort the body shape
and build it anew.”


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