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Traditional Japanese hakama pants came into existence in the fourth century.

Pikiel Hakama in modified version have huge pockets instead of holes on the hips.


Hakama has seven pleats, each one of them symbolize virtue of a warrior.
Jin (仁) - kindness
Gi (義) - justice
Rei (礼) - courtesy
Chi (智) - wisdom and intelligence
Shin (信) - honesty and integrity
Chūgi (忠義) - loyalty and fidelity
Meiyo (名誉) - honor
One extra pleat is from us as a symbol of expression & creativity.


outside pantleg lenght:

S- 93 cm

M- 93 cm

L-93 cm

XL-93 cm


S- 82 cm

M-86 cm

L-90 cm

XL-94 cm

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