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Eye-catching spatial form of hiino pants gives a lot of comfort. avant-garde
spatial form, with a dropped crotch builds a silhouette anew . Not
everyone needs to know how many legs they hide ????
pockets fastened with a characteristic zipper, which was produced in
Poland, will fit a million gadgets, but this is not the end of storage
space because there are two large pockets on the back of the trousers!
pants do not have a fly, the strap is made of rubber finished with a soft jersey fabric 100% cotton.


hips girth (at the height of hipbone):

S- 78 cm

M- 82 cm

L- 86 cm

XL- 90 cm

XXL- 94 cm

XXXL-98 cm

outside pantleg lenght:

S-107 cm.

M-107 cm

L-107 cm

XL-107 cm

XXL-107 cm

XXXL-107 cm

Shipping time 21 days

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